The Moon’s Path

Last night the moon carved a path on the water, illuminating a route to Heaven. I stood at the dark window staring into the sea, watching the golden light ripple and stir as waves moved across. On an island the moon becomes important, helping determine the tides and affecting the island’s configuration, affecting the animal life and the patterns of egg-laying. As a child, I was taught to see “the man in the moon” but now humans have walked on the moon and they mystery was stolen. However, a greater mystery lingers when I consider the sun and moon and their creation, the mystery of God’s power and might that called light into being, separated land from water, and established the gift of life itself. Like the moon, I have been created, given a role to play, made part of God’s plan. I too leave a path on the world, as the moon leads a path on the water, only the consequences of my path are permanent. Please help me, Lord, to acknowledge you as my creator and your will as my word. May the path I leave reflect your love and your light. Amen.

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