Prayers from the Island The Moon’s Path

The Moon’s Path

Last night the moon carved a path on the water, illuminating a route to Heaven. I stood at the dark window staring into the sea, watching the golden light ripple and stir as waves moved across. On an island the moon becomes important, helping determine the tides and affecting the island’s configuration, affecting the animal life and the patterns of egg-laying. As a child, I was taught to see “the man in the moon” but now humans have walked on the moon and they mystery was stolen. However, a greater mystery lingers when I consider the sun and moon and their creation, the mystery of God’s power and might that called light into being, separated land from water, and established the gift of life itself. Like the moon, I have been created, given a role to play, made part of God’s plan. I too leave a path on the world, as the moon leads a path on the water, only the consequences of my path are permanent. Please help me, Lord, to acknowledge you as my creator and your will as my word. May the path I leave reflect your love and your light. Amen.

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Breath of GodBreath of God

Prayer about the Holy Spirit

Dear Heavenly Father, as a child I was afraid of suffocating. My older sister would come up behind me, covering my nose and mouth with her hands, watching me squirm and squeal. I was a reluctant swimmer, cautious about putting my head under water, always fearful I’d drown. Even now, I get panicky when I have a head cold, lying awake, monitoring my breathing.

What about those suffering from COVID-19 and the symptoms they may experience?. Problems with breathing, loss of oxygen in their blood, and the need for supplementary oxygen. Some even undergo intubation so a ventilator can breathe for them. How terrifying it must be to lose the very breath of life!

Lord, You have given us a ventilator that infuses us with Your breath–the Holy Spirit. This is Your true presence, filling us with Your purpose and love. In Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was a rush of wind, inflating the souls of the disciples, giving them the gifts of language to speak Christ’s message. I crave that same spiritual fulfillment so I too can speak more effectively of Your love. Now, more than ever, I am gasping for Your presence—fearful, weak, alone.

I recognize , Lord, there are those suffering from a spiritual virus. They may choose to wear symbolic masks of doubt and rejection, closing themselves to Your life-affirming Spirit. Some experience spiritual hypo-ventilation, the failure to breathe in the breath of God. Reluctant to accept the gift of God’s inspiration, choosing to live lives apart from God, they never appreciate Your gifts of love and hope, Your promise of salvation.

During these crucial times, Lord, we need Your Holy Spirit more than ever. Just as virus patients may require supplementary assistance in breathing, we too need the support and the vitality Your breath provides. Because we can’t gather to reinforce one another’s faith, it is more important than ever we seek Your supply of the Holy Spirit. Studying the Bible, especially verses like the 23rd Psalm, provide comfort, linking us with the Holy Spirit. Connecting with one another by whatever means possible provides the spiritual ‘oxygen’ our souls require. And most of all, prayer is the ‘ventilator’ of spiritual connection. When we pray, deeply and honestly, we can find an infusion of Your spirit, giving us the strength and courage to carry on, no matter how overwhelmed we may feel.

This is the time to inhale deeply, to fill ourselves with Your blessed Spirit.

I remember the lines of one of my favorite hymns:

“Breathe on me, Breath of God, fill me with life anew

that I may love what thou dost love, and do what thou wouldst do.”

My Hat Wears OutMy Hat Wears Out

 Many years ago I bought a visor cap with my school’s initials on it from the college bookstore.  Since then it’s been my ‘beach hat’, the hat I grab when I walk on the beach or work in the sun.  Today I noticed the strap is ripping and can’t be sewn.  I have perhaps a month or two of wearing left, and then my cap will have to be discarded.  I felt sad, as if the hat were one of many ‘things’ I must discard with age.  Friends depart, my energy is less than it was, good health isn’t assured, and I see the limitations of time being placed upon me.  More and more, Lord, I turn to you and your promise of immortality. You never change and in time to come, you will take me from time to timelessness.  I thank you, God; you rule change and establish eternity. Amen.

Quiet TimesQuiet Times

   There are days when I walk on the beach and greet everyone I pass with a smile, a nod, and a brief “Hello!”, Other days, like today, I feel cocooned in my own thoughts, almost oblivious of others as they pass me.  Like the sea itself, our energies and thoughts sometimes ebb and flow, focused inward or outward, depending on the day’s needs.  I ask you, dear Father, to make both perspectives profitable.  May I have quiet time when I can turn my thoughts inward to touch your face and feel close to the Christ who lives within me.  But may I never lose balance—may I also remember to turn my energies outward, reaching for the Christ who resides in others.  Help me, like the sea itself, to maintain a measured balance.