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 When my husband and I walk, we aim for specific spot, easily identified on the beach.  Sometimes we try to go past that spot, adding each day to the length of our walk.  Of course the problem, with adding a bit daily is that eventually the distance becomes a hindrance rather than an encouragement; the walk seems too long to begin and so it is easily postponed.  For us the trick is to be realistic, setting a goal we can hope to maintain without excuse and without being certain of failure.  Prayer life is sometimes like that walk.  I want to increase the depth and intensity of my prayers, but know that if I overestimate my concentration, I’ll begin to skip my time with God.  Forgive me, God, for my failure to meet your goals, for my impatience, for my lack of attention.  Have mercy on me and grant me renewed dedication to you and your word. Amen.

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