Treasure Chest

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A friend visits yard sales, collecting heaps of old jewelry, most of it cheap and out of style.  When children come to visit for the first time, he builds a rough chest, fills it with the jewelry and chocolate coins, and buries it in the sandy beach before his house.  Then he fashions a crudely drawn treasure map, chars the edges, and puts it in an old book the children are certain to read, or one he asks them to bring him.  When they discover the map, he helps them decipher it and the treasure is unearthed.  What joy when they open the chest and discover the jewels and treats inside! They scream and laugh, dancing in the sand at their find.  As Christians, we too have a treasure and a map that helps us discover it.  When I turn to the Bible, I am directed to the most precious find of all, and led to believe and receive that treasure.  Thank you Lord, for the map and the gift; help me share my discovery and guide others to your revelation. Amen.

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