Vanishing Markers

Usually when I walk a particular section of the beach, I strive for a specific point, a broken trunk of palm tree for instance, and then reverse my walk home. Today as I walked, I couldn’t locate the broken tree; apparently yesterday’s high tide and heavy waves had moved it elsewhere on the beach. For a few minutes I felt disoriented—where was my marker and how would I know when to turn around? I had depended on the existence of that broken trunk, and now it had vanished. I began to think how often in my own life I’ve depended on vanishing markers. I’ll know the answers when I finish my degree, when I get married, when I find a job, when I retire…. And yet when I reach these goals, I don’t necessarily find the answers I sought. The only marker in my life that has remained constant is Jesus; he alone has never failed to provide me with a permanent goal, has never vanished when I needed him. I thank you, Lord, for the stability you give my life. Please help me meet the goals you set for me, and forgive me when I fall short of the mark. Amen.

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