The beach was deserted and still this morning; I couldn’t see another person within view. As I made my way along the shore, I saw a dolphin break water beside me, just beyond the surf. He accompanied me during the first half of my walk, surfacing at short intervals, seeming to twist his head to confirm that I was still within sight. Obviously his swim was more leisurely than my walk, but we matched strokes and strides, each of us content to move in tandem with the other. While there was no conversation, there was a sense of share companionship, as if both were grateful for the other’s company. I found incredible quiet joy in the dolphin’s presence, a joy that was simple and unadorned. For a brief time we were in deliberate harmony, had happened upon one another and were happy only to be within sight of one another. Sometimes I feel a similar but even greater sense of harmony and peace when God’s presence is made tangible in my life. I experience a peace and calm that passes all understanding, grateful to feel God within and without. Thank you, Lord, for those times in my life when I experience the peace only you can provide, and when you make other creatures agents for that peace. Amen.

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