Wasted Thirst

After a busy weekend, my beach walk reveals the trash of abandoned drinks—plastic and glass bottles, smooth plastic or foam cups, cooler jugs that have been broken and left behind. Each of these must have served a useful purpose, providing refreshment in the hot sun, cooling thirsty throats, replacing moisture lost in perspiration. What was refreshment to those who drank has become an eyesore to those who use the beach. I wonder about my sources of refreshment and what they may leave behind. When I speak out in angry petulance, I may feel momentarily refreshed, but what have I left behind? When my selfishness surges to the surface, I’m relieved at first, but what havoc have I caused in someone else’s life? Do I find relief at the expense of others? Father, you alone are the source of refreshment that never litters or creates waste. Help me turn to you and share your cooling forgiveness and love in a world littered with destructive thirst.

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