There are more ghost crabs than ever!  I see their tracks everywhere on the beach, crossing and crisscrossing as they mark their progress from hole to hole.  Sometimes they’re almost impossible to see; I think they respond to the impact of our feet on the sand, darting into tunnels strategically placed.  When I stand very still and scan the shoreline, I can seem them scurry past, like the ghosts for whom they’re named.  Eyes set on stalks watch from the rim of a hole, examining my presence and relaying the message to others.  As I walk, I know I’m kept track of, though I may be oblivious.  This sense of being watched is oddly comforting, as if I have a “beach angel” who keeps track of me.  Thank you, Lord, for a world that interacts with us, for a world of watchers who remind me of your watchful eye and loving direction.  I know always you watch over me. Amen.

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