I came across a broken whelk case on the beach this morning, twined in the sand like an intricately coiled necklace. I think of all the jewelry designs borrowed from sea shapes, the coils and scallops and stars that lie at my feet. How beautifully detailed these small shells are, their precision and beauty breathtaking upon close examination. It’s no surprise that the local souvenir shops are rich with seashore creations; sand dollars, starfish, and hundreds of shelled bits of jewelry appear in designs for hair, throat, earlobes and wrists. Why? Is it that we want to adorn ourselves with pieces of the island to take back into our day-to-day lives? Do we ‘wear’ the shore so others will know where we’ve been? How blessed I am to discovery such small but impressive examples of God’s design, and how rarely I express my gratitude. Dear Father, I thank you for the gifts of the shore and for their incredible beauty made visible as an act of your love. May I see in their careful design your love for the world and your design in my life as well. Amen.

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