A wedding party drove past our house this afternoon, with horns blaring, a car decorated, and happy shouts of laughter I could hear from my porch chair.  I found myself smiling, as most do when they see a wedding party.  Many couples choose the beach as a locale for their weddings, so seeing this event is nothing new.  I wonder if we smile because we recognize the courage required at beginning a shared life?  Do we wish the couple, unknown and unnamed, the elusive happiness we all seek?  Do we appreciate the innocence of making promises that are forever?  Why can’t we wish one another that happiness every day in every situation? Tomorrow when I walk on the beach I will try to see each person I meet as half of a newly married couple.  I will smile and wish them well, whether aloud or silently to myself.  Please, dear Father, help me to wish happiness for those whom I meet simply because they are your loving creations.

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