Last night I listened to the whip-poor-wills outside my open window.  One was in a tall pine near the house, and the other was some distance away, in a swampy area on the bay.  All night long they called to one another, their song repeated endlessly against the darkness.  Perhaps each wanted the other to join it, or perhaps each simply wanted to inform the other of its continued presence and safety.  I thought of how God calls me, continually, even in the deep nights of my soul.  When I am still, I can hear his voice reaching out to me, reminding me that I am not alone, that he is there with me and I am safe no matter what the circumstances of my life.  Thank  you, Dear God, for your voice that reaches out to me in night’s blackness, reassuring and calming me.  Thank you too for the whip-poor-wills’ song that reminds me of your continued presence. Amen.

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