Wind Patterns

The wind gusted and blew all night, creating designs in the sand. Some were generated by sea oat stems drawing wide circles at their bases as gusts came from different directions. Others were created as ripples of sand, small ridges that cover the dune slope with a corduroy look. The wind molded the outline of the past that marks my beach walk, buried the ghost crab holes, and left yesterday’s footprints mere shallow hints of human passing. The wind and sand form partnership that alters the beach, making subtle changes some days, dramatic and drastic shifts other days. Everything is used as part of the pattern, nothing is left untouched. In my own life too, there are patterns that shift and change. Strong winds blow over my family and me as well; each day produces a slightly different configuration. A doctor’s visit labels a new health crisis, a family member is seriously ill, relationships crumble and collapse, unable to endure gusty assaults. In the midst of these changes, I look to the one who doesn’t change, who controls the wind but isn’t affected by the wind, who rules the storms but is above the storms. Thank you, Lord, for your presence in my life, for your promise of stability in a world blown by designs not of my making. I pray that you keep me aware of both your presence and your authority over all things. Amen.

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